The bM Client programmed in Objective-C for the Apple operating system iOS allows use of mobile services generated by the bM Platform on any iPhone and iPad.

The bM Client will be configured by adding to it the proper icon which will appear between the different apps available on the mobile device of the users, by assigning it the IP address of the bM Server where the mobile services have been defined, and by declaring the service that will be executed as first tapping on the app icon.

The bM Client will then be published on Apple appstore or ad-hoc distributed according to Apple policies.

After the first app’s launch the graphic components and the static contents are downloaded and stored on the device for future use while dynamic information will be available on-line when using the app.

The bM Client integrates into the app, through the iOS operating system, the native features of the mobile devices as the camera, the GPS, the phone etc. to effectively exploit all the capabilities offered by the Apple technology