The bM descriptors  represent  the formal specs to describe logic and rules to realize and integrate new mobile services.

The system administrator can for instance:

  • Define access to existing application as data sources for new mobile services
  • Define the logic for control, aggregation, navigation and presentation of information to generate mobile services to the users on any device
  • Mash-up data from different data sources to deliver new mobile services
  • Define remote monitoring and control logic for M2M services

The text interface supports a formal procedural language based on a syntax derived from the most popular current programming language to give the service providers an ease to design and immediate to deploy new mobile services environment.

The bM descriptors  are  active components of the bM Platform:  once they are compiled, the new related services becomes immediately available into the apps of the users, thus offering  a powerful tool for development and maintenance on-the-fly of new mobile services.