Corporations tend to organize in order to support new business processes on the move leveraging on the mobile technology available today through wide offering of smart-phone and tablet.

Information from their systems is properly aggregated to be used directly on the move by their own personnel or third parties operating in the field as in sales or on-site support.

Mobile processes represent just an extension to the company BPM  and therefore they must run safely  and integrate the information system  connecting with the ERP and the CRM, the HR for the personnel or the Document Management to name just a few.

After the first experiences businesses try today to develop an Enterprise Mobile App including all the functionalities needed on the move, able to dynamically evolve according to new business requirements, and respectful of the company standards for safety, functionalities, GUI and mobile technology.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) paradigm while brings on one hand savings for the company and flexibility for the personnel, on the other hand brings some risk for the corporate data safety and for the capability to run effectively on any mobile device.

The bMooble technology supports businesses to overcome all the above limits and to design mobile services safe, easy to use, fast to enhance and optimized for any smart-phone and tablet.